Statutory And Autonomous Body

State Higher Education Council

The Ministry of Human Resource Development, University Grants Commission and Rashtriya Uchhatar Shiksha Abhiyan, 2013 have recommended that the State level planning and co-ordination of Higher education including University Education shall be done through an independent, autonomous Council for Higher Education. Accordingly, in order to bring out better excellence, inclusiveness and accessibility in the Higher Education Sector, the State Government has decided to constitute the State Level Higher Education Council to be known as Goa State Higher Education Council. The Council shall function in order to forge synergic relationship amongst the State Government, Universities, academics and experts by occupying an operational space between the Government and Universities on one hand and between Universities and apex level regulatory institutions on the other.

The main objects of the Council includes planned and co-ordinated development of Higher education in the State, promoting academic excellence and social justice by obtaining academic input for policy formulation and perspective planning, ensuring autonomy, accountability and co-ordination of all institutions of higher education in the State and guiding the growth of higher education in accordance with the socio-economic requirements of the State.

Teaching, Learning And Educational Technology

The primary objective is to motivate and assist the faculty to embrace the techniques, strategies, and processes to improve the teaching-learning process and create a learner-centric environment. The cell is dedicated to conducting workshops, FDPs and other programs along with year-round support in different forms to the faculty to achieve this objective.

Research, Development And Innovation Cell

One of the main objectives of this cell is to promote and support research activities of students and staff of higher educational institutions. These include training workshops for research writing proposals, research methodologies, promote multi-institutional collaborations, etc.

Goa Education Development Corporation

GEDC has been established under Goa Education Development Corporation Act 2003, with the aim of achieving the following. Generally to promote and assist in the rapid and orderly established, growth and development of education institutions, services and facilities in the state of Goa, in order to develop competitive, flexible and value based education system to meet the individual, institution and socio cultural development needs of the people of Goa.