Release of Grants to Goa University

Block grants are released to Goa University to meet the expenditure towards salary and also ongoing infrastructure development project in the Goa University.

Establishment of Government Colleges:

The State Government have five Government Colleges at the degree level in faculty of Arts, Science and Commerce and Home Science with an aim to encourage the degree colleges coming up in remote areas of the state so as to promote Higher Education, in the backward areas.

Recurring Grants to Non-Government Aided Colleges.

The grants are released to all the Aided Colleges under the control of Directorate of Higher Education to meet the expenditure towards salary and maintenance as per the Pattern of Assistance.
The salary grants are released after scrutiny of the claims submitted by the colleges and the maintenance grants are released on reimbursement basis after the submission of the Audited statement by the colleges.

Goa College of Music (Under M.H. 2205):

The Goa college of music is now under the control of this Directorate. The College is affiliated to Goa University and is imparting Professional training in Indian Classical Music. The necessary provision was made for various items of expenditure for this college.

Goa Scholars:

The main objective of the “Goa Scholar Scheme” was to promote the pursuit of post graduate studies by younger population of Goa, with a view to ensure that economic conditions and financial difficulties do not come in the way of such pursuit and to assist the meritorious students by way of awarding scholarship to undertake post graduate studies in institutions of proven excellence in India and Abroad.

Annuity contribution to Goa State Infrastructure Development corporation:

The Government have introduced the scheme to finance non-Government aided colleges for the purpose of maintenance and up-gradation of the existing facilities.The scheme in question envisages provision for better infrastructure facilities like construction of new building/extension of existing building/renovation, provision of toilets/construction of play grounds etc. thereby creating conducive atmosphere for learners. The special preference is given to the colleges those which are come from under-developed Talukas.

Release of Grants to GEDC

Recurring grants are released to Goa Education Development Corporation to meet the expenditure towards salaries & wages, allowances, stipend, maintainance expenditure on building, equipments, etc., as per the Pattern of Assistance. Grants are released in 3 installments depending on the Budget allocation for the respective financial year.

Public Service: Authentication

Authentication of the Original Final degree Marksheet, Passing and Convocation Certificate of the courses issued by Goa University under the purview of Directorate of Higher Education. Designated Officer: Under Secretary (Higher Education)
Time Limit: Fifteen working days
Appellate Authority: Director of Higher Education


The state Government has notified Director of Higher Education to Authenticate and countersign the educational certificates of the courses of study conducted by the educational institutions coming under Directorate Higher Education. Authentication of Educational certificates of person holding qualification conferred by Goa University in Goa and desirous of going abroad for employment or Higher studies.
Director of Higher Education will authenticate the educational certificates only after verifying that the documents are genuine/ original and the qualifications are duly recognized by the competent authorities.

NOC/Approval for Aided colleges

NOC for the Teaching and Non-Teaching posts of the Aided colleges as per the workload of the colleges. Further approval is also granted after the appointment of the candidates to the Teaching and Non-Teaching posts in the aided colleges.

Staffing pattern for Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff for aided Institution/Colleges

Categorization of the colleges is done based on the students strength of the aided Course in accordance with the AISHE data or documentary evidence provided by the college.

Career Advancement

Approval for college teachers to undergo various stages of promotion under Career Advancement Scheme(CAS), provided they are assessed to fulfill the eligibility and performance criteria as laid down in Clause SC-16.6.3 of Goa University Statutes.


The Directorate has devised a mechanism for timely settlement of Pension Cases of the retiring employee of Goa University, Government and aided colleges. As a part of the mechanism, the Department has taken a new initiative/scheme (SEVARTH) wherein the Pension Authorization Letter along with a Memento and Appreciation Certificate are handed over to the retiring officials by the representative of this Directorate on his/her last working day. Total 253 pension cases have been settled from the month of starting the new initiative “SEVARTH”.


The Right to Information Act 2005, which has been passed by the Parliament on 15th June 2005 and came fully into force on 12th October 2005.

The Right to Information Act 2005, is an act provide for getting out the practical regime of right to information for citizens to secure access to information under the control of Public Authorities, in order to promote transparency and accountability in the working of every public authority, the constitution of a Central Information Commission and state Information Commissions and for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto.

The Act is conferred upon all the Citizens and covers all Public Authorities. It consists of six chapters, thirty one Sections and two schedules.

Directorate of Higher education, Under Secretary (Higher Education), Smt. Avelina D`sa E Pereira is notified as the Public Information Officer and the Director of Higher Education, Shri. Prasad Lolayekar, IAS, is notified as First Appellate Authority.

Any Citizen who desires to obtain any information under this Act shall make a request in writing or through electronic means in English on plain paper with name, address, contact details and shall accompany fees of Rs. 10/- addressed to Public Information officer, Directorate of Higher education, SCERT Building, Alto-Porvorim, Goa. Citizens below the poverty line (BPL) need not make the payment but have to attach a copy of the BPL certificate along with the application. On receipt of a request under the Act the same should be disposed off as expeditiously as possible and in any case within thirty days of the receipt of request, either the information on payment of such fees as may be prescribed (i.e. Rs. 2/- of each page) or reject the request for any of the reasons specified in the Section 8 and 9 of the Act.

Provided that where the information sought for concerns the life of liberty of a person the same shall be provided within forty eight hours of the receipt of the request. The RTI Act also specifies that citizens have the right to request for inspection of documents, works and records. The time between the reply of the PIO and the time taken to deposit the further fees for information is excluded from the time allowed.

Further the application under the Act is not disposed off within the stipulated time limit, then the applicant can file appeal before the First Appellate Authority i.e. Director of Higher Education.

If the applicant is not satisfied with the decision of the First Appellate Authority then he can file second appeal with the State Information Commission /Central Information Commission.

Salary and Maintenance Grants

This Directorate releases salary and maintenance grants to 31 aided colleges under the control of Directorate of Higher Education as per the pattern of Assistance. The salary grants are released after scrutiny of the salary claims submitted by the colleges. The salary grants includes monthly salary of regular staff, salary arrears, salary of contract/lecture basis staff, counsellors, and supplementary claims pertaining to Children Education Allowance, Leave Travel Concession and Medical Re-imbursement.

The maintenance grants are released on reimbursement basis after the submission of the audited statement by the colleges. Block grants are released to Goa University to meet the expenditure towards salary and ongoing infrastructure development project in the Goa University.

Recurring grants are released to Goa Education Development Corporation to meet the expenditure towards salaries & wages, allowances, stipend etc, as per the pattern of Assistance.

Counting of Past Service, Pay Protection

This Directorate is looking after the cases pertaining to counting of past service rendered on contract basis by teaching faculty for the purpose of Career Advancement and pensionery benefits once they get regular appointment, based on UGC guidelines, Goa University Statutes Pension Rules and policy decision taken by the government and Finance Department from time to time and also after granting proper hearing to the concerned teacher and Educational Institution.

The regular service of teaching and non-teaching faculty migrated from Aided Institutions/Government Colleges & Goa University to other educational Institutions, their services are counted and also the last pay drawn is protected in terms of Directorate of Higher Education circular No.2/160 /DHE/2017/MISC/1817 dated 19/09/2017.